• Aisulu Akhimova was born in Moscow, in the family of creative intellectuals: her father – Dimash Akhimov – is a film actor, her mother – Shamilya Chaldayeva – is a musician. Having finished two schools successfully: educational and musical schools, Aisulu also continued to engage in choreography and model business. Thanks to the last one, she won Grand Prix in the competition Miss-Asia Sport in 1992. This won victory made possible for her being 15-years-old to visit 14 countries in the world and to work with leading world’s fashion designers. Further, in 1993, she enrolled at the Faculty of Economics of a higher education establishment and graduated it with distinction. At the age of seventeen, Aisulu starred in the film Timur The Great, production of Uzbekistan – Italy.

    At the age of twenty, Aisulu was married and, together with her husband, they leave for Iran for diplomatic purpose. This mission lasted for three years. Living in Teheran, Aisulu discovered new perspectives for herself: she was invited to work at the international school of the Embassy of Russian Federation in Iran, where she conducted the Aesthetics Studio for students of 8-10 forms. Later the studio was incorporated into Musical–Aesthetics Studio, where Aisulu gained her experience in performance of various fashion shows in combination with dramatically musical acts. Aisulu was the youngest participant of Diplomatic Ladies Club along with other wives of the members of diplomatic mission in Teheran. One of the memorable works, at the request of the wife of Pakistan’s ambassador, was performance of the show Fashion of East Women in the Embassy of Pakistan. In parallel with work at school, she assisted in the Consular Department of the Embassy of Kazakhstan. Learning of Persian language facilitated cultural adaptation in this not so simple country. Being back, Aisulu decided to get another education and enrolled at the Faculty of Psychology of St. Petersburg Academy. As a graduate with distinction, she was invited to teach Psychology. At the same time, Aisulu was engaged in vocal and starred in the children’s musical Mary Poppins. In 2009, she conducted the studio Little Lady in Arts Gymnasium No. 46.

    Having passed a definite stage in classic understanding of psychology, Aisulu discovered numerology – a unique study of relationships between numbers and physical objects. This study is deep-rooted enough and is dragged onto the Biblical period of mankind. One of founders is Pythagoras. Secret knowledge transferred to Aisulu from her teachers of numerology, based on date of birth allow to prompt and definite hidden and wasted talents, a path to success, information on personal characteristics, selection of sphere of activities, life partner and plans for the future. At the present time she lives in Almaty and brings up two daughters. She conducts private consultations on family matters, feminine and inner understanding.

  • Numerology is a science of latent meaning of numbers. Numerology owes its origin to our remote ancestors. There were they who noticed that numbers are around a man for the whole his life: from the moment of his birth and to his last days. Exactly then people became interested in the meaning of figures trying to understand which of them bring luck and which bring misfortune, what is hidden behind the secret of that or another number. Somebody considers it to be absurdity and prejudices, and somebody knows exactly that the definite set of figures promises him welfare and he looks for contact with closely held figures as much as possible. For many generations of its development, numerology of numbers (or how it is also often called – magic of numbers) collected many data of the meaning of numbers and their impact on human life.

    Pythagoras, his students and successors shortened all numbers to figures 1 to 9 inclusively, as far as they are initial numbers from which all other numbers can be obtained (exactly this system was accepted by modern numerology). Twenty centuries after, a famous Cornelius Agrippa in his work Occult Philosophy issued in 1533 called these numbers and their meanings. Numerology is a very extensive and depth science, and everybody can touch and immerse in it, and then all greatness of our creation will be opened before him.

    Numerology helps to definite character, natural abilities, strengths and weaknesses of a person, to estimate future, to estimate the most suitable time for decision-making and for actions. With its help, it is possible to choose business partners or life partners, to assist a child with the way of living.

    What's your date of birth?

  • Wikipedia website contains the following definition of Psychology:

    Psychology is a field of scientific knowledge which investigates peculiarities and regularities of creation, formation and development (changes) of psychical processes (sensation, perception, memory, cogitation, imagination), mental states (stress, motivation, frustration, emotions, feelings) and psychological attributes (orientation, abilities, potentials, character, temperament) of a man, that is of mentality as a special form of life activities. All this sounds complicated and scientific for ordinary person. In my understanding, firstly this is a skill to understand and help a person in his problems. As far as I work more with women, so the questions of feminine, family and career are more often raised in my practice.

    Every person has different moments in his life: happy and sad, with several emotional tones, when the best friend or nearest and dearest cannot share your condition. My task is to try to understand you, to take in the situation, circumstances and causes, to survive them and go on with less losses in the future.

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